• Cornell University Graduate 2001
  • 3.66 GPA- Cum Laude
  • Received Bachelors Degree in 3.5 years.
  • Division 1 Track and Cross Country
  • Sig Ep Fraternity


  • Cutco Hall of Fame- over 12 million in District Manager sales
  • 2-Time Silver Cup Winner
  • Trained 4,219 Sales Reps during career as a manager
  • Broke 7 Corporate National Records
  • Started Summer 1999 #2 Sales Rep in the NY Division
  • Summer 2000 National Top 20 Branch Manager
  • 1st District Manager Summer 2001- $605k.  At time best new office ever, now #3 all-time.
  • 1st 8 months as District Manager- $890k.  At time best ever, now #2 all-time.
  • 1st Fall as District Manager 2001- $281k total sales.  $191k in new business.  Best 1st Fall Ever.  911 occurred that Fall while he was running the Manhattan office.
  • 1st Full year as a District Manager 2002- $1.45 million in office sales (#2 office overall)  Best Rookie Year in the History of the Company. (Rising Star Silver Cup)
  • Quickest District Manager to hit $1 million in sales and earn a Rolex.  Also quickest DM to hit $2mil. $3mil. $4mil. in career sales.
  • 1st Spring 2002- $465k- stood as the best Spring in Corporate History for over 7 years.
  • 2003- $1.44 million in office sales (#2 office in the company).    Won District Silver Cup
  • #1 Team Builder 2003.  860 Recruits for the Year.  National Record for US Cutco.  #2 All-time.
  • SLC Champion.  #1 office in the entire company.  Multiple time SLC Trophy Winner.
  • 2 Separate times his team sold over $10k a week for 40+ straight weeks.
  • 1st 10 campaigns as a District Manager his team sold at least $200k for each campaign.
  • Out of the first 173 weeks of running an office his team tabbed over $10k for 147 of those weeks. (85%)
  • Best District Manager January sales average in the corporate history- $128k average (9 January programs run)
  • Multiple time Presidents Banquet Winner


  • Developed over 15 sales reps to at least $50k in career sales.
  • Developed 2 Hall of Fame Reps:
  • Jeffrey Paul Bobrick- $800k Career Sales
  • Asher Abraham- $525k Career Sales
  • Managed 5 different reps to over 20 consecutive weeks of $1k+ in sales.  Managed One Rep 2 separate times over 60 straight weeks of $1k+.

2 thoughts on “ABOUT JOE G.

  1. Dominick Townsend

    This really helped me out today. I wasn’t really motivated today to do anything, but these tips got me fired up and I made 40 calls tonight! Push period starts on Tuesday and I’m gonna sell 10K!!!

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