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  1. Aviva

    Yes. Jeffrey Paul Bobrick will be recording me in a few weeks. We’ll see if we can get Joe a copy of that.

  2. Jordan Davenport

    This site is awesome! I have found it to be extremely helpful in many different areas. are there going to be any videos for imporving work as an AM i.e. setting prs, getting a higher show percentage etc?

  3. calvin burgess

    Hi there. okay so i decided last night to stop all my lolly-gagin crap that I’ve been doing and to actually work like its a job. now my thoughts for the site, I’d love to see a forum so that way reps can ask e/o questions or tell crazy Cutco stories. I’m going to be on this page every morning so thanks for all that you guys do!

  4. Cameron Koehne

    One thing that i would love to see on this website is some stuff for AM training like the interview DVD because im 5hrs away from my office with no office in site so it take me a while to get things like that to me and i cant attend and of the meetings so i have to resort to listening to each meeting on the speaker phone which can be hard but if you had meetings the interview online it would help out so much. Also i have to agree with Jaely i would love to see Aviva’s blue book or even just get a recording of her just doing a demo just like how you have Arrietta’s demo online which is amazing. But even how it is now i have learned so much just by using this site thank you so much and keep it up.

  5. Sharayah Houke

    This site IS awesome. This guy’s a genious…It’s helped me A LOT with the Objection Cycle. I tried it, and of course…it worked! I really like the part where he talks about when the customers says….”it’s too expensive” and his response to that…”We don’t have to make our knives out of High-Carbon Surgical Stainless Steel. We could make it out of just regular junk stainless steel…But then we’d have to appologize for our product ….AWESOME! Used it..Made a sale!

  6. Slade Brooks

    I think the good people of Vector would like to see a video on closing the new signature set.

  7. Jordan Ravesloot

    Hey guys, heres just a little something that ive been thinking about. In Joe Geneza’s talk on sellling big, which is located at the bottom of the selling sets/ultimates tab, at the part when he talks about the company page and summarizes it by saying that this page is basically saying is that people buy cutco, well i was thinking you could say something like this, “what this page is basically saying mrs. jones is that people buy cutco and that they are going to continue to buy cutco cutlery because unless technology invents robots that can cook all our meals for us, then people are going to be using knives forever, and if thats the case then why not use knives that forever anyways…” just thought id throw that out there. good luck everyone

  8. Jordan Ravesloot

    And now that i think about it saying something like that, ^^ ,would actually be handling a potential objection because there could be people that think, “oh yeah, this product lasts forever, well what if it bellies up and goes out of business, id just be stuck with some knives then.” i dont know if thats ever happened but who says it couldnt, a customer could think that without saying it, who knows.

  9. Jordan Ravesloot

    Did Aviva’s blue book every make it onto the site because if not a video stirctly focused on how to setup up our blue books for the large medium small strategy would be awesome

  10. Aviva

    I have a good chunk of my blue book under cookware/flatware tab, and also under my name, there should be one or 2 that say my close, and you can certainly see parts of it. There is also another video somewhere when I share my goals, where you can see a lot of the set up. GOOD LUCK! Joe Rocks and so does Cutco!

  11. Jordan Ravesloot

    Thanks Aviva. Just one more question, where did you get the pages that you have in ur book like the page with the stainless flatware on the plate and the cookware stuff? you didnt get those in training did you?

  12. aviva bennett

    I did get them from my manager a while after training. I don’t think they make them anymore, but you can ask your manager or call the company and see if you can get them. Good luck!

  13. aviva bennett

    Joe got some great shots of my book at the last division meeting. August 2010. Enjoy it!

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